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How HR Teams Use VR: Challenges and Opportunities

In 2017 our lives have become significantly high-tech. From our smart homes to cars to workplaces, everything is rapidly getting connected. In fact, technology has had an impact on every facet of our existence.

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build app with MEAN stack in Vancouver

How to Interview a MEAN Stack Developer

So you’re looking to hire a MEAN stack developer for your bootstrap startup or established company and you’re going to conduct the interviews yourself. What questions should you ask to identify the candidate that will be a good fit for your team and project?

How Canada Stimulates Evolution of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the second era of the internet where it provides value through a new distributed platform that can help reshape how we conduct business and transform society for the better. While there was a lot of skepticism when this technology first made its appearance, the perception has completely changed as it continues to prove its worth.

How Canada Is Turning AI Ideas Into Dollars

Researchers in Canada had been looking into artificial intelligence (AI) long before the likes of Google and Amazon even existed. Backed by local universities and the government, the nation sort of laid the foundation from where all of the current AI initiatives blast off.

How to Plan a Software Development Project

The planning phase of your software development project is often overlooked, but it’s very important. While it can be tempting to rush into development without proper planning, this approach can lead to miscommunication, delays, unsatisfactory results, and unexpected costs.