Our portfolio

Some of the most compelling products we delivered for our customers with love

Mobile advertising software for digital agencies

A cloud-based microservice application with AI-enabled data analytics and processing to manage, analyze and optimize mobile advertising campaigns based on CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPI strategies.

This system allowed a US-based marketing agency to run ad campaigns and monetize ad inventory with various types of publishers such as websites, mobile apps, ad networks, and affiliates.

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Smart productivity app for Android

A hassle-free task management application for Android that helps individuals organize their daily activities via convenient to-do lists and schedules. The app syncs tasks with Google Calendar and MS Outlook making it easy to track open and completed to-do items at any time using an Android smartphone or tablet.

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Online fraud detection system

A web-based online fraud detection system that identifies malicious activity in digital advertising campaigns and blocks suspicious traffic sources, using big data analytics, cloud platforms, and machine learning

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