We’re agile, we speak tech jargon and understand language that only techies can understand. We know how software is built from inception all the way through to future-proofing and final release. We know how to reduce your overhead costs, eliminate hidden agenda and deliver truly transparent ROI driven solutions.

In addition, we have a broad international experience no local competitor can boast! We’ve been relocated ourselves and helped many other talented people relocate. We were hired many times, fired a couple times and launched multiple successful startups. We’ve contributed to meaningful projects that helped change our lives of our customers for the better.

Digi117 was founded by two visionary tech entrepreneurs and former IT software engineers who gained first hand experience with large and small projects. Be it mundane or extremely challenging, we have proudly served companies in Canada, USA, Europe and Australia.

Today, the company’s senior management team is led by a team of self-accomplished professionals who made their way from coders, software architects and testers to project and product managers, CTO’s, IT and cyber security consultants with unparalleled expertise, solid know-how and tribal knowledge to breakthrough with disruptive results. Each of our managers has over 20 year of related experience and hundreds of interviews handled to ensure you get the “right fit” for your team.

Сontact Digi117 today and get your next IT project delivered on time and on budget!

A team of qualified developers, testers and designers available to code and design for your software project upon your demand.

Extensive global network of domestic and international IT talents.

Executing your custom software project in line with your objectives and timeline.

Well-established screening and reporting processes.

Full-cycle IT consulting services - from problem analysis and requirements identification to solution implementation and follow-up.

Any language, any framework, any platform of your choice - Java, JavaScript, Go, PHP, Ruby, Drupal, Wordpress, .NET, C, C#, Swift, and more.

Whether you are seeking IT consulting, cyber security or custom software resources, our rates typically vary from $50- $150 / hour. With our innovative "Pay As You Play" model, you can stop being locked into a long term contract or hefty lump sum fees!