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Who we are

DIGI117 is a Vancouver-based boutique IT consulting company that develops business-tailored software products using the latest technology innovations. We provide highly specialized B2B and B2C software development solutions across mobile, eCommerce, digital marketing, fintech, and other industries.
We differentiate ourselves by utilizing lean startup approach to create robust IT products with shortened development cycles and high-value MVPs. We focus on emerging techs like machine learning, connected systems and intelligent analytics to deliver customized software for your special needs.

Our core values

The six fundamentals we believe in at Digi117

The power of one

We are all about teamwork approach - and we also know the value of an individual in a team. One can change a lot to lead the whole team to success.
Architecture & Code Review

Always starting up

We started up years ago, but we still remember very well what a great startup means. Innovative ideas and amazing enthusiasm always come first.
Security Incident Response

Be polite, be honest

These principles guide us every day as we communicate with all our customers, partners, and teams.
PCI Assessment & Compliance

Doing right things right

We are here to cross it all in the list. Challenge us with your next project, and you’ll see that it really works.
Custom Security Program

Tweak it!

We are inquisitive and bold enough to experiment and get things improved, even if they already work well enough.
Team Placement & Consulting

Never stop innovating

We strive for continual innovation, explore emerging technologies and solutions to make your own work better, and design cutting-edge software.


  • Experience

    We are a boutique software development company with more than 9 years of experience under our belt.
  • Customized solutions

    We develop software that is tailored to fit your business and your industry.
  • Early MVP

    We build our work upon your product requirements and ensure lean schedule with early MVPs.

Our expertise

Mobile advertising software

An AI-powered performance marketing platform for brands and marketers to manage ad campaigns, publishers and advertisers.

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Online fraud detection system

App businesses can detect fraudulent activity in mobile traffic and block suspicious sources based on real-time fraud analytics.

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Smart productivity application

A hassle-free task management app that helps individuals organize their daily activities via convenient to-do lists and schedules.

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