Are you looking for an experienced custom software solutions provider to take care of your technology product development / evolution, testing, maintenance and support?

From ideation and proof of concept to the actual development, testing, release and beyond, we combine strategic IT staffing, UX and UI design, security and advanced software engineering methodologies to help you build highly efficient software products that scale, take advantage of the latest technologies such as Cloud and Big Data, IoT, AR, ML, AI, and deliver business value and appropriate ROI.

Our custom software development services

Web Development
eCommerce Software Systems
Mobile Development
Wearable App Development
AI Development
Big Data and Analytics
QA and Testing
UX / UI Design
Legacy Software Systems Conversion

Need to support your business operations or enhance your digital presence with a custom built web solution? From prototype to MVP to final product release, take advantage of our front-end and back-end development expertise and access cutting edge technologies for gaming and social media, Big Data, IoT, eCommerce and other innovative projects.

According to IBM, eCommerce is really big today and is expected to surpass a $2 trillion annual haul by the end of 2017. You don’t want to miss hefty opportunities and a big piece of the pie, do you? Whether you need a basic Magento-based online store or a robust FinTech solution, we have expertise and resources to deliver your next eCommerce solution with a solid ROI potential.

Whether you need to launch the mobile app idea and want to test it with a Minimum Viable Product or whether you need a native or cross-platform application built from scratch or whether you need to integrate your mobile solution with 3rd party systems and external tools - we’ll have all of your mobility needs covered on time and on budget!

Are you looking to unlock the potential of wearable gadgets for your business? Or do you want to refactor your existing mobile app to be wearable friendly? We ensure low power performance, robust m2m architecture, efficient data exchange between embedded sensors and data storages, and smooth UX and UI design to improve your top line growth and increase brand awareness.

Do you need a self-taught artificial intelligence (AI) solution to help you with real-time data analytics, cyber fraud detection, BI and automated user interactions? We invite you to take advantage of our machine learning, AI and NLP capabilities to lead, not lag behind in this volatile world.

Are you looking to turn terabytes of raw data into solid business intelligence insights? From ETL, data architecture, self-service BI tools implementation, custom data dashboards to strategic roadmaps and Cloud managed services - we provide Big Data development and deployment / integrations solutions and build data interfaces and visualizations that will bring your operations to the next maturity level.

Do you know that timely and efficient QA and testing activities help reduce your time to market by 45% and save up to 40% of your costs?

We'll help you develop a well thought over QA and testing strategy for your product, choose the right testing tools and approaches that suit your particular business case, set up a testing environment and prepare test data, execute tests, conduct post-spring and post-project review, etc.

Our testing solutions include functional and manual testing, regression, smoke, exploratory testing, automation, usability testing, security testing, unit testing, API testing as well as your industry / niche specific testing.

Do you want to create an excellent first user impression of your product or stimulate sales growth with a cutting edge UX? As the saying goes, every dollar invested in usability returns $10 to $100. With this in mind, our team of designers delivers pre-qualified UI structures that allow us to save your budget, and conducts extensive focus group research to make sure your interface and UX are designed with features your users really want!

Running an old app? Need to modernize and refactor it to avoid losing market share and being left behind? We convert most (if not all) software applications whether 10, 15 and even 20 years old to a modern platform your customers and stakeholders will love.

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