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How to Create a DevOps Culture within your Organization

The technology space is going through a period of rapid change that demands software development teams to change along with it. Change within this space is primarily being driven by the need for speed. Traditionally, development teams had siloed organizations that followed a linear process of development.

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build app with MEAN stack in Vancouver

How to Interview a MEAN Stack Developer

So you’re looking to hire a MEAN stack developer for your bootstrap startup or established company and you’re going to conduct the interviews yourself. What questions should you ask to identify the candidate that will be a good fit for your team and project?

7 Security Tips for Software Developers

If you really think about it, software is now at the core of ensuring the marketing success for most businesses. As a result, this is driving an even greater need for speed during the development cycle.

How to Plan a MEAN Stack Application the Right Way

The MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, and NodeJS) Stack is an innovative open source technology that empowers developers to get apps to market rapidly. This is one of the primary reasons driving its popularity within the developer community.

8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Database for Your Mobile App

Databases are at the heart of most mobile apps, so choosing the right one will be critical to your application’s success. At its most basic, databases collect and store user information during a one-time registration process and after that, it negates the need to repeatedly log into the app.

Apex Code: On-Demand Programming with Permissions

Salesforces Apex code is a strongly typed object-oriented programming language that empowers developers to execute flow and transaction statements on the famous platform server while simultaneously running calls to the API. The syntax looks a lot like Java and acts a lot like database stored procedures.