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Smart priorities, to-do lists, schedules, charts, and daily statistics tracking for Android users

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DIGI117 has designed and developed an Android-operated personal productivity application that allows users to plan daily activities, organize tasks by smart priorities, create to-do lists and calendars, and sync data with Google cloud.
Personal productivity app development Android


Our client, a Tel Aviv-based IT company, presented an idea of a hassle-free personal productivity application geared to help individuals organize their daily activities via convenient to-do lists and schedules. The app had to be as simple as possible, the special emphasis was made on the lack of excessive functionality that could otherwise complicate the UX and diminish the idea of hassle-free daily task management.

As a result of the scoping session, we were able to offer a variety of essential suggestions, such as:

  • Using "Plan versus Actual" method, also known as a deviation analysis in project management, to organize tasks, dates, and categories, making it easy for users to track open and completed to-do items in the app.
  • Dynamically syncing tasks and schedules with cloud services such as Google Calendar and MS Outlook.
  • Implementing an automatic AI-driven smart priority system. App's AI would use machine learning to analyze task history (priorities, completion dates, task statuses, etc.) and suggest priorities for next tasks that feature similar attributes.

Therefore, the challenge was to create a unique user experience with simple UI and advanced technologies, making it easy for users to do their daily tasks. To address this challenge, our client has chosen DIGI117 as a trusted software development service provider to build an Android personal to-do list application, enhanced with an AI-powered priority system.


Delivered by DIGI117’s Android team, the application offers its users a benefit of simple UI to navigate through tasks and calendars, plan to-do items with smart priorities, and track personal productivity statistics. The app connects to cloud and location services syncing data with Google Calendar across multiple devices. Notifications, reminders, and reports help users keep track of personal productivity on their favorite Android smartphone or tablet.

DIGI117’s team has successfully implemented a variety of features in the app’s MVP, for instance:

  • AI engine to analyze tasks and suggest priorities
  • Pie Chart, Bar Graph and tabular reports to track personal productivity by "Planned vs. Actual" stats
  • "Offline" mode to create and manage tasks, to-do lists, calendars, and categories when there is no Internet connection
  • Specify Status, Priority, Due Date, To-do List, Reminder, Notes, and Attachments for tasks
  • Sync tasks and calendars with MS Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Push, sound, email and SMS notifications
  • Sound, email and SMS notifications
  • Google location services to assign "Location" to tasks
  • Task export and backup


By Tel Aviv-based IT company’s request DIGI117 has designed and delivered an Android-operated personal productivity application that allows users to manage and track tasks, create to-do lists and calendars, and sync data with Google cloud.

The app features an AI-powered smart priority system that makes it easy for the user to plan daily tasks and track personal productivity statistics.

An MVP version of the app has been delivered to the client within 10 weeks following the project kick-off and subsequently released to Google Play Store.

The initial thousand of users have proven that the app stands out from the competition due to its smart priority system, as well as contributes to positive user experience.

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