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We help businesses build innovative software products that resonate with their customers.
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for MVP development

We work side-by-side with you to develop a high-value MVP, with a shortened time-to-market.
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for product innovation

Outsource your software project to our experienced development team to leverage innovative technologies and accelerate business growth.
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IT consulting and innovation solutions

We build and innovate products that address real customer pain points. As our customer, you are part of the product development process every step of the way, from ideation and prototyping to delivery and improvement phases.

MVP development

Using lean product development, we ship the minimum viable set of features that your customers would love.

Product innovation

Improve mobile, on-premise, and SaaS products with cutting-edge technologies and best practices in agile and DevOps.

Enterprise software

Build and integrate mission-critical software for all business activities within your growing organization.

Developing software products since 2010

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Digi117 has almost a decade of experience in building high-value MVPs and enterprise-wide software solutions. We provide customer-centric software development and innovation services following lean startup best practices and latest engineering paradigms such as IoT, AI, cloud computing, and augmented analytics.

Technology consulting:

icon AI

Artificial intelligence

Build smart software on top of your data to address sophisticated business challenges through AI.

icon big data and analysics

Big Data analytics

Retrieve, analyze, and summarize big data for optimized decision making and customer performance.

icon mobile iot

Mobile and IoT

Deploy cloud infrastructures, connect users, and manage smart devices for better mobile and IoT experiences.

icon saas and onpremise

SaaS and enterprise software

Enable custom APIs and incredible UX for on-premise and cloud solutions to drive business efficiency.

icon cloud based devops

Cloud and DevOps

Design, migrate, integrate, and support custom-fit software cost-effectively by using agile and scalable сloud platforms.

icon high-load systems

High-load systems

Develop reliable software and scalable infrastructures that can process large volumes of data and backend operations in real time.

Our expertise

Mobile advertising technology solution

A cloud-based software solution for a digital agency to manage mobile ads with AI-powered campaign optimization and analytics.

Mobile fraud detection system

App businesses can detect fraudulent activity in mobile traffic and block suspicious sources based on real-time fraud intelligence.

Sales intelligence analytics dashboard

An in-depth sales analytics system powered with machine learning and big data to help sales managers capture insights.

Personal productivity mobile app

A to-do list and time scheduling app for iOS and Android users to create, prioritize, and track personal tasks and schedules.

Programmatic RTB platform

An ad inventory buying platform for brands and agencies to create, automate, and optimize CPM advertising campaigns in real time.

IP intelligence and ad verification

A web-based malware detection system that protects audiences from malicious and low-quality ads in the programmatic ecosystem.

Pay as
You play

Whether you are looking for IT consulting, MVP development or continuous product improvement solutions for your business, our rates typically vary from $50-$150 / hour. Our Pay As You Play model helps you avoid any unnecessary expenses. Why get locked into a long-term contract or hefty lump sum fees? We even offer a one-time replacement guarantee of 90 days. Digi117 is changing the industry rules!

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