Operations Management Senior Consultant

Digi117 is looking for a talented Operations Management Senior Consultant to join our team. Key duties and responsibilities will include: Manage the effectiveness of DIGI117 Ltd administrative activities to ensure their compliance with regulatory framework; ensure all company legal and regulatory documents are filed with the relevant authorities  Develop, review and improve administrative systems, policies and procedures; review managerial policies and programs to improve and maintain their effectiveness  Collaborate with other departments within the organization (HR, IT, Financial, Legal, etc.) to establish cross functional processes and ensure that company goals are met Provide management and leadership advice to the organization Analyze and develop opportunities to increase efficiency and productivity across all processes whilst remaining consistent with all company policies Investigate issues and implement corrective actions as necessary Supervise clerical staff Collaborate with other teams to identify opportunities and develop technical proposals to secure funded projects and government grants; prepare and present reports for these projects for review, including technical and financial aspects; Maintain and promote a positive work environment through collaborative discussions and team communications.

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Senior Python Developer

Digi117 is looking for an experienced backend engineer, you will work on everything from building highly-scalable and secure services using Python/Django communicating with our applications as well as their partners to be a contributor in the core algorithms that determine physician utilization, allowing patients to experience world-class care from world-class doctors. You will be leading the architecture and technology choices and help bring the product to the next level of scale.


We are looking for an experienced, talented B2B content writer that can break complex ideas into words that are easy to understand. As the Content Marketing Specialist, you will oversee the communication and content strategy for the company's  brand, working with our Director of Marketing and international marketing team.

Front End Developer

We are looking for expert Front End Developer with proven coding and UX design skills.

CICD Engineer /Devops Engineer

We are looking for a talented, DevOps Engineer to join our dynamic team. Requirements: Experience with developing CICD infrastructure, with projects developed in a micro service architecture Proficiency with containerization via Docker, and container orchestration through Kubernetes Experience managing web applications built with Java, and Spring Understanding of the Spring Framework ecosystem, including but not limited to; boot, cloud and data flow.

Engineering Manager

We are seeking a talented individual to managing a team of exceptional engineers. In this role you will be  responsible for delivering new product features, evaluating new technologies, helping to guide our engineering teams in a cross-functional capacity, planning the strategic direction of the engineering team.