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Contract Resources

Are you looking to hire a technical resource for your short-term, pilot or long-term software development project without warranting a permanent placement? We are able to deliver high caliber contract resources to help you attain your strategic goals fast and cost-effectively.

At DIGI117, we have a database of readily available consultants to assist you with efficient hiring, seamless onboarding and timely project delivery.

No matter if you’re looking to hire a single contract resource or an entire project team, we can fulfill any reasonable IT staffing inquiry within a short timeframe. The key advantage of this model is flexibility, as you can easily scale your team up or down depending on your current project needs and overall economic situation. Another benefit is the ability to test and swap resources until you find a perfect match for your project team.

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Contract To Hire (C2H)

Do you want to try resources before you buy them? C2H is your best option! We can help you hire a professional software engineer or IT specialist without a contractor commitment for a full-time placement. This flexible service gives both you and your employee the opportunity to assess if you match each other’s expectations. The cost of direct hire can also be disbursed over longer periods of time, typically 3 to 6 months.

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Permanent Placement

Powered by dynamic direct hire recruiters and breakthrough recruitment strategies with built-in quality metrics and on-boarding processes, DIGI117 is able to recruit, assess, and qualify the right professionals for your software development project needs. We supply candidates, but You make the final hiring decision!
We handle all aspects of IT talent recruitment from consultation to advertising and promotion, candidate selection and assessment, screening, vetting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding and regular performance evaluation.

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Executive Search

Finding a proper executive role for your software development function is a touch challenge, as this type of recruiting implies out-of-the-box approaches, headhunting best practices and a large internal pool of candidates. DIGI117 has all of the above to provide senior IT management and PM resources with required qualifications, most often for permanent placement.

Whether your issue is the lack of in-house IT executives to lead and manage your IT strategy or PMs and tech leads to oversee your project development; whether you expand into new markets or geographies and need local executives; whether your in-house recruiters are under pressure or have time constraints that restrict their ability to hire fast; or whether you require third-party involvement to ensure transparency and eliminate potential conflict of interests – DIGI117 can help you out with IT Executive Search solutions tailored specifically to your particular need.

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Ad-hoc Project Resources

If you need to complement your in-house IT talent with on-demand specialists, we can enable you to get plug and play Time & Materials (T&M) resources on an hourly or daily basis.

Our internal team of software developers, testers and consultants will assist you with your software architecture, web and mobile application development (front-end and back-end), UX/UI design, functional prototyping, QA (quality assurance) and testing, data warehousing, Big Data integration and development, and other adjacent services.

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TeleConsultants (TC)

Highly efficient and cost effective virtual IT consultants who work exclusively on your IT project from a remote location. We fully manage your e-partnership and guarantee visibility, quality and delivery!

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This is a limited time offer that will expire on August 21, 2017, at 12 a.m.

*min project scope is 80 hours