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Eight Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile App Development Toolkit

In the mobile application development space, user experience (UX) has grown to become the key focus of how apps are conceptualized and built. In fact, it’s now the primary component of every stage in the development lifecycle. This makes sense as businesses have grown to become more customer-centric. As a result, technology has become the key enabler that can help deliver enhanced customer experiences.

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How to Interview a MEAN Stack Developer

So you’re looking to hire a MEAN stack developer for your bootstrap startup or established company and you’re going to conduct the interviews yourself. What questions should you ask to identify the candidate that will be a good fit for your team and project?

How to Choose the Right Mobile App Development Platform?

Choosing a mobile application development platform is a critical part of the whole development process. When you start planning, you will also have to figure out if you should focus on a native application or cross-platform solutions.

How To Protect Your Software Product Idea

There are millions of ideas out there, but the moment you start doing something with it, it becomes a concept well known as intellectual property (IP). What you can do to legally protect yourself depends on your project idea.

How To Avoid Expensive Recruiting Fees When Hiring Talent

Thinking of hiring a third party recruiter for an upcoming software development project or hard to fill position, but don’t want to incur outrageous lump sum fees? Consider a “service” provider that charges on an hourly basis to protect yourself and maximize return on investment.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile Application in 2017?

The booming app economy is being driven by entrepreneurship and players both big and small are trying to get a piece of the action. According to comScore, mobile now takes up 65% of digital media time while desktop has fallen behind to become a secondary touch point.

Signs That Your Legacy System Badly Needs A Complete Overhaul

We are now adopting new technologies at lightening speed to become more efficient and more agile. But this creates a situation where there is increasing discrepancy between the IT infrastructure required by emerging business needs and what’s already been there for generations.