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10 Canadian Tech Startups to Watch in 2018

The Canadian tech ecosystem is booming with startups regularly attracting some serious investment. Many of these young companies are also showing that they can overcome early challenges and grow both revenue and personnel. When we talk about Canadian tech, people usually think of Shopify and with good reason.

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How to Interview a MEAN Stack Developer

So you’re looking to hire a MEAN stack developer for your bootstrap startup or established company and you’re going to conduct the interviews yourself. What questions should you ask to identify the candidate that will be a good fit for your team and project?

Mobile Apps for Businesses: 2018 Development Trends

For enterprises, mobile apps have grown from being a novelty item that helps build brand awareness into a necessity that helps them remain relevant. This is because they enhance usability, better meet customer demands, and scale up sales.

5 Top Cloud Security Threats Businesses Face Today

Cloud computing transformed the way businesses stored, managed, and shared data, applications, and workloads. As it continues to evolve, it has also introduced a whole new set of security threats and challenges.

5 Javascript Trends You Can Expect to See in 2018

According to Stack Overflow, JavaScript was the most popular programming language in 2017. Equipped with frameworks and libraries that are far more powerful and flexible than some other languages, its predicted dominance in the new year won’t come as a surprise.

Tech Industry in 2017: A Snapshot

The meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies might have hogged the headlines, but 2017 was a whole lot more. In fact, the technology industry as a whole has had quite an eventful year.