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Top Tech Jobs in Canada 2018

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Indeed, the number one job site in Canada (with a presence in over 60 countries) recently released their annual list highlighting the best jobs in 2018. Out of the top ten, nine of the best jobs in the nation were tech-related.

The odd one out this year was Internal Medicine Physician which came in fourth place. Although it wasn’t tech-related (and didn’t even come in the first place), it commanded the highest wages by far with a whopping annual salary of $253,445.

Indeed’s top jobs list for 2018 is based on salaries (starting at $70,000), salary estimates from employees, growth opportunities (from 2014 to 2017), and the number of online jobs posted last year.

At a glance, the list is a clear evidence of Canada’s rapidly growing tech sector. With the government’s backing, this trend is expected to continue for years to come.

A lot of these roles also saw a parallel between an ever-increasing number of job postings and high salaries on offer. This suggests that the demand for top tech talent in Canada is getting fierce every year.

So what are the highlights? Let’s take a look.


Which Tech Related Jobs Offered the Best Salaries?

As jobs that paid salaries that were less than $70,000 weren’t even considered, we can say that they are all commanded a healthy pay packet. However, the top three highest paying jobs that made the top ten came in first place, third place, and seventh place.

These jobs were as follows:

  • Machine Learning Engineer - $97,795
  • DevOps Engineer - $98,878
  • Platform Engineer - $93,321

Last year, DevOps Engineer came in second place but commanded the highest salary of $97,739. This year, it dropped down to third place, but still commanded the best paycheck.

Furthermore, Analytics Manager came in sixth place in 2017 commanding the second highest salary of $94,360 and Android Developer came in fifth place commanding the third highest salary of $86,749. This year, these two jobs didn’t even make it into the top ten!

The rapid rise of machine learning jobs can be attributed to Canada’s growing reputation as an artificial intelligence hub. So while Machine Learning Engineer jobs didn’t make the list last year, we can expect it to dominate this space going forward.

What Are the Key Takeaways?

Last year’s top job was the role of a Full Stack Developer which commanded a salary of $80,268. However, this year this position dropped down to second place commanding a salary of $82,710. So not much has really changed and you can expect this job to be in the top ten until something changes in the technology landscape.

Backend Developer came in third place last year (commanding a salary of $77,853), but this role didn’t even make the list in 2018. However, the job title Senior Back End Developer came in tenth place commanding the fifth highest tech-related salary of $92,244.

User Experience Designer, IT Security Specialist, and Python Developer didn’t make another appearance in the top ten this year. However, new tech positions like Data Scientist, Operations Consultant, Product Owner, and Salesforce Administrator replaced them this year.

For the foreseeable future, Canada’s tech scene will continue to go through a period of acceleration. As a result, you can expect technology-related jobs to keep dominating the best jobs in the country.

You can find Indeed’s full report here.

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