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[The Millennial Voice] Top 10 Reasons Why Vancouver Is a Great Place to Live and Work

Vik Bogdanov
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By Cary Chernega

From the outstanding natural beauty to the prospering economy, Vancouver is considered to be one of the top cities in the world. Endless opportunities are granted for job seekers, while providing a culturally rich, clean, and nature brimming place to call home.

1. Vancouver is an outdoor playground.

The climate, the ocean, and the location combine to create an enormous outdoor playground for any active enthusiast. From numerous hikes, to countless events and activities, Vancouver keeps its citizens lively and upbeat.

2. Vancouver is a safe city.

Violent crime is very low compared to other North American cities. Personal safety is also extremely high in Vancouver. Meaning that stabbings, muggings and other random acts of violence are incredibly rare. It’s easy to walk the streets at night and feel unthreatened and at ease.

3. Port Metro Vancouver.

Port Metro Vancouver

Port Metro Vancouver. Image source: worldmaritimenews

Port Metro Vancouver is Canada’s largest and busiest port, resulting in an advantage in trade and an easy access to goods all over the world. The Port impacts over 120,000 jobs in the Greater Vancouver area, giving a plentiful amount of job, and business opportunities .

4. It's full of tourists, and tourists bring money.

Vancouver consistently attracts over $6 million visitors each year. On an average, those visitors spend an upwards of $4 million on food, transport, accommodation, and tourism activities. With this resolute abundance of income, the city of Vancouver is well-off on its own, while allowing business owners the convenience and freedom of owning a prospering business.

5. Vancouver is green and clean.

As a result of the familiar rainfall, Vancouver is regularly washed clean of grime and dirt, leaving the streets clean and the air fresh. Also, getting over 93% of its electricity from hydroelectric sources, Vancouver claims its spot as one of the tidiest and energy hygienic cities.

6. Top startup ecosystem in Canada.

Being ranked the number one place to start a tech business, Vancouver also has 800 to 1,100 business startups and numerous success stories. Also being the set location for over 10% of all Hollywood movies, it makes Vancouver an extremely popular place to begin a tech, film, or digital/graphic design business with high chances of success.

7. Vancouver's commute system.

From having an exceptional skytrain system to timely bus, and sea bus schedules, it easily puts Vancouver's average commute time to be one of the lowest of major cities worldwide. Thanks to the conveniently placed transit stations such as Lonsdale Quay, and Waterfront Station, it makes it extremely easy for commuters to get anywhere they need.

8. Great education system.

Aside from great elementary, middle, and high schools, Vancouver also provides some incredible Universities and Colleges. UBC and SFU, besides from being very highly rated in quality of education and opportunity, they are also located on incredibly beautiful campuses with great architecture and renowned teachers and professors.

9. Easy to attract great employees.

As a result of the brilliant education system and determined youth, the amount of outstanding young workers are growing by the minute. This results in easy access to great, resolute employees, each with their own ideas and talents to bring to your businesses table.

10. It's home.

After all, there’s nothing better than to be surrounded by your friends and family while living and working in one of the safest, most beautiful cities in the world.