what features attracts youth in mobile apps

[The Millennial Voice] What Youth Really Needs In a Mobile App

Vik Bogdanov
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By Cary Chernega

With so many new apps being created daily, many are usually a hit or miss with the new generation. Since teens and young adults are some of the biggest consumers and critics of present day apps and social media, it would be helpful to many application developers to really know what is on demand.

how to design apps for youth

Clean, simple design

When an app has too many features or options, it tends to get messy. You could have the most useful app in the world, but if it doesn’t look good on the outside, the new generation will not be interested. Keep it simple by using a simple colour theme, clearly labeled categories, and an easygoing feel to the overall design.

Communication is key

Whether it be a social media platform, a game, or even a weight loss app, the ability to share content instantly with friends and family is crucial. With the young generation in constant contact with one another, the capability of communicating with others in an app is necessary. Even if it is  just the ability to add friends, it will make your app much more popular and successful.

Something old, something new

With so many of today's apps copying each other in features, design, and themes, it tends to get old. When designing an app, bring in something new, and fresh, while still keeping some of the casual features that will make the app feel familiar and easy to follow (i.e. ability to like, add friends, etc.).

For example

Have you ever wondered why Facebook is a dying scene for teens and young adults? That is for the reason of there being way too many options and settings, mixed with the old school navy blue theme, giving the app an old, slow look. On the other hand, apps such as Snapchat and Instagram are flourishing because of their new, funky approach to social media, and their easy, navigable designs and features.

UX design that attracts youth

So if you are interested in creating an app that will target the new generation, just remember to keep it simple, keep it social, keep it fresh, and you will more than likely be guaranteed success.