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[The Millennial Voice] The Impact of Virtual Reality On the Present and the Future

Vik Bogdanov
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By Cary Chernega

Virtual Reality is currently becoming more and more present in many different aspects of our every day lives. But as this revolutionary technology evolves, it will also impact how we think, live, and interact.

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Business meetings, in VR?

With an up and coming VR software designed to enable users to communicate face to face in any virtual reality (VR) environment, it will enable people to connect with others in a more personal way. This could benefit users who wish to associate with people who are far away or use as an improved means of video chat. Even opportunities of holding business meetings in this VR environment could also be possible.

Advanced healthcare

With the power of virtual reality, doctors are now able to practice dangerous surgeries in VR before preforming them on the patients themselves. This revolutionizes the health care field, and will only continue to prosper as a result of non stop advancing technology.

We will begin to experience reality, through virtual reality

Everyday, virtual reality is being used for copious amounts of things. Ranging from helping people with autism prepare for job interviews by practicing in a simulation beforehand, to treating post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in veterans by placing them in a simulation reminiscent of what they were traumatized in, but at a gradual level that they can handle. The therapist can control any aspect of the simulation, such as the time of day, lighting, and ambient sounds. Slowly, by confronting it with the help of a therapist, the patients PTSD symptoms begin to diminish.

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With the intense immersive action that VR embeds on us already, it is only a matter of time before it becomes more and more common in our lives and changes our definition of reality altogether. With the ability to instantly travel to any city, country, or planet, and the ability to do absolutely anything without leaving the comforts of your own home, virtual reality will single handedly change the way humans perceive life, and interact with the world.