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[The Millennial Voice] Technology and The Modern School System

Vik Bogdanov
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By Cary Chernega

Now we all know how much technology has changed our world over the years, and it’s easy to admit that we rely on it to undertake almost any every day task, but how has technology impacted the way in which students are now learning in the modern day school system?

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Loose the paper

With apps such as the virtual classroom, which allows students to complete assignments over their devices and then just simply hand it in in from the website, opens up windows of opportunities in the ways in which modern day students can learn. Let alone cutting down on the astonishing amounts of paper and waste that comes out of public and private schools each year.

Learning styles

Now more than ever, it is typical to see teachers making their students partake in a learning styles quiz online, which will give you the result of the type of learning that is most suitable for you. After completion of the test, it will place you in either the visual, auditory, read-write, or kinesthetic learning categories, which your teacher will later look at to better understand the way in which they should best teach their lessons, judging by the majority of the class.

Easy study

Let’s say you have a lot of homework due tomorrow, but you’ve forgotten your textbook in your locker at school. Thankfully, with the power of the internet, it is possible to find an online version of nearly any book, textbook, or even pdf versions of worksheets. Now in the end, It is better to just simple stay organized, but I will admit that from time to time it’s pretty helpful.

Study notes made easy

With technology such as projectors or smart boards being available in nearly every classroom, it allows teacher to get their lessons across in a a much more visualized, understandable way. Now, if a teacher gives a speech and uses the smart board to also show a visual component alongside the actual lesson, they will simultaneously be targeting almost all four learning categories in one go. With this option becoming more and more common in modern day classrooms, we can expect the whiteboard to go pretty soon, just like the blackboard did.

Online classes

Sometimes, going to school just isn’t an option for students, but this is easily solved by the convenience of online classes. Believe it or not, nearly every course you can imagine can be taken online, even physical education. This is beneficial for those students that have either fallen in need of re-doing a course, don’t have enough time in their time tables for the course during school hours, or just in general would rather learn on their own from an online source than a real teacher.

What can we expect for the future?

With technology growing at such a high speed rate, we can expect to see more and more educational tools become replaced with technological alternatives. Not only will this benefit the environment, but it will also help our students to prosper and become the new intellectual generations of the world.