[The Millennial Voice] Snapchat Review

Vik Bogdanov
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By Cary Chernega

Snapchat is one of the largest and still growing social media platforms in modern time for teens and young adults. With features such as instantaneous transfer of information to others all over the world, it lets users communicate with anybody, at anytime. Beside the fact that it is highly successful with the younger generation, it still has some flaws and needed improvements to assure that the app would let users fully grasp the features offered.  

snapchat review by millennial

Image: Business Insider

Video chat

In recent updates, a video chat feature was added to the snapchat infrastructure, allowing people to face time each other wherever, whenever.  But from personal experience, the feature is quite inconvenient to use and tends to crash or lag. It is definitely not as smooth and simple as, for example, Skype, but definitely has potential to be a commonly used feature if improvements, such as convenience and a new layout, are made.

Photo editing

Recently, a few more features for editing your photos before you send them were added to the app. But even with these funky options, teens and young adults tend to get bored really quick, and are in constant need of updates and change to keep them interested. If Snapchat released new options and features more often, I’m sure their success with the younger generation would grow even more.


We all know the classic yellow background and white ghost which is the so called “mascot” of snapchat, and it does feel good to have that familiar aspect to see everyday. But consulting the core of the app, such as the main inbox page filled with messages, or the news page, it wouldn’t hurt to have some remodeling done here and there. With so many new apps being released on the daily, having a fresh, modern theme would help Snapchat interest its user base and keep  them even more enthusiastic about their app.

The main point?

In the last update of the app, snapchat added a feature to send photos that can last forever and will not disappear after a limited amount of time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have something new and fresh once in a while, but I think that instead of changing the one main aspect that Snapchat is known for (i.e. disappearing photos and videos), they could’ve added new features instead of modifying the old ones.

Multiple platforms

And finally, it has been years that snapchat has had its app available on only one interface, and in aspects of convenience, it really isn’t. With so many teenagers being careless with their mobile devices and easily either breaking them or losing them, it would be highly suitable to have a tablet version of Snapchat available.

So with Snapchat currently one of the most widely used apps, these are a few things that they could do, or change, to keep their title as one of the top social media platforms of modern times.