Ruby Developer Salaries In Vancouver

Vik Bogdanov
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This post is a review of the options for Ruby Developer salaries in Vancouver, BC. Ruby is still an important part of programming after more than twenty years; this venerable language has been around for so long it has found new life in the Ruby on Rails framework.

Ruby on Rails matches the power of the language with the newest platforms for the mobile web. Applications for mobile and Cloud computing need software that is stable and scalable. Ruby on Rails provides all of the required capabilities for full stack development; it is very much in demand amongst web-based start-ups as well as with established digital institutions.

Ruby Developer Salaries In Vancouver

Skills in Ruby are in demand everywhere, and Vancouver is no exception.  All web and mobile development skills are in demand as the industry scrambles to exploit new opportunities and launch applications. You can see the success of Ruby as a platform reflected in the salaries that Ruby developers earn across North America, and in Vancouver in particular.

However, Ruby on its own merits a relatively modest income for an experienced developer. According to, the average for Ruby developers in Vancouver, as of the end of 2016, was $75,759 per year, slightly less than the average Canadian developer’s salary. That does not mean that the most talented and experienced developers in Ruby don't earn well enough; according to, they receive up to $152,000 per year.

Ruby On Rails Developer Salary

According to for Canada, the average for Ruby on Rails developers in Vancouver, in late 2016, was $90,612 per year; the hourly average was $52.80, higher than the average for most programmer specializations. The upper extreme according to was $149,000 annually. It is when you take the skill set to the next level that it beats the average for developers.

If you are a computer science graduate or similar, you have the opportunity to take a coding boot camp course to add a certification for Ruby on Rails. Vancouver has many study options to learn it, and the jobs are available now. You will earn the tuition fee back rapidly and go on to enjoy the higher income potential received by Ruby on Rails developers.

Bring Your Talent And Advance Your Career In Vancouver

British Columbia is one of the most desirable locations to live in the world. If you are a developer or computer sciences university student in Vancouver, you will not have to travel far to find opportunities in Ruby. If you are considering bringing your Ruby skills in from other provinces you will love the local community and lifestyle. The region has the best of what Canada has to offer, moderate tax rates, and a reasonable cost of living.

If you are a Ruby developer looking in from beyond our national borders, Canada and Vancouver are very interested in attracting you to come and work. If you qualify, you will be able to bring your family and start a new life as many have done before, often settling down as long-term residents.