MEAN Stack Developer Salaries In Vancouver

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The current level of MEAN stack developer salaries in Vancouver, British Columbia reflects the balance of industry need and the awesome lifestyle in North America’s most livable city. MEAN is a JavaScript-based alternative to Ruby and other established frameworks for full stack web development. If you can develop for it; your skills are in high demand in Vancouver right now.

Developing for the MEAN Software Bundle

The MEAN software bundle is an acronym of the names MongoDB, Expressjs, Angularjs, and Nodejs as a framework to provide an alternative to Python and Perl-derived languages such as Ruby. MEAN JavaScript has become more than a front-end framework, it has opened up full stack development opportunities to developers who have practical experience built on JavaScript.

In the last couple of years, MEAN has proven itself to be a useful and powerful framework for web apps, providing modules for rapid development and efficient organization, it builds upon the capabilities of Node.js. So there is a long list of requirements for developers to have experience in JavaScript and agile, scalable databases such as MongoDB.

Accelerated Learning Programs And Boot Camps

The conventional route into web development careers is through a bachelor’s degree in computer science. These days, code academies provide intensive training to pick up the set of skills for a broad range of niche development frameworks. In a period of six weeks or less you can, in theory, learn the precise skills that are in demand in your local IT jobs marketplace.

Code academies are ideal for developers who wish to take on new skills, but the typical syllabus might prove to be a real stretch if you are attempting a radical career change. You may find work based on a code camp education, but your ability to capture the earnings potential will then depend heavily on getting your first job and building a track record of successful development over two to three years.

MEAN Stack Developer Search Trends 2012-2016

MEAN Stack Developer Search Trends 2012-2016. Source: Google Trends

Canadian Developer Expectations And Opportunities

Like all developers in Vancouver, your experience will influence your income; higher salaries reward more years of experience. According to PayScale Human Capital, the median earnings in Vancouver for developers for JavaScript frameworks like the MEAN Stack is around $62,000, which means that half of all surveyed developers earn more than that. Advanced programmers earn salaries of ninety thousand or more.

As with all careers in IT experience counts and the more experience you have in MEAN the better your earning prospects. Developers should ask for at least $60K to start, and up to 82K based on experience. This income does put you above the average per capita income in British Columbia, which was around $47,600 in 2013.

MEAN Stack Developers Thrive In Vancouver

Vancouver is a vibrant city, as the local community of developers knows very well. The trend for MEAN stack development is moving upward, and that assures the future demand for qualified developers. If you are a programmer versed in the tools of MEAN stack living in Vancouver, or willing to move here, your opportunities are waiting.