Digi117 acquires Gowide

Digi117 Acquires GOWIDE For $2.5 Million

Vik Bogdanov
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Vancouver-based tech company extends its business with a software development team behind technology platform for digital advertising.

Vancouver, BC - March 1, 2017 - Digi117, a Vancouver-based IT consulting and software engineering provider, announced today the acquisition of GOWIDE, a company behind innovative technologies for digital advertising, for $2.5 million in cash and stock.

The company that prides itself on providing IT staffing and custom software development solutions “beyond the limits” and that boasts over 150 clients including some of the North American ivy-league brands makes this step to diversify its current portfolio of software engineering and IT workforce solutions and to offer new highly effective services to its existing and future clients.

“We’re thrilled to integrate GOWIDE team into our business and reinforce our software development and delivery capabilities by bringing in this talented group and their technology frameworks  in-house”, says Vadim Chernega, CEO at Digi117. “That’s an important investment that will enable Digi117 to deliver much more effective and successful services to businesses in Canada and globally”.

Dmitry Bogdanov, General Manager at GOWIDE, had this to say, “We are excited to be part of Digi117 group and looking forward to bring our technology expertise to new clients”. He also adds that the acquisition has no impact on GOWIDE staff and they do business as usual.

GOWIDE is a developer of a robust software platform for digital marketing comprised of several interrelated products such as AppBooster, a self-service tool that delivers high-quality app installs at scale; Fraud Detector, an advanced data driven technology that helps marketing teams identify signs of ad fraud, including botnet traffic, affiliate fraud, click/install spoofing, and others.

To learn more about the acquisition, expansion plans, or to book an interview, contact Vadim Chernega at 778-772-4770 or email contact@digi117.com.

About DIGI117:

DIGI117 is an IT Consulting & Software Engineering company based out of Vancouver, BC. Its goal is to assist clients with achieving top line growth and bottom line savings by connecting them to the best IT talent available on the market and supporting and advising on their strategic talent and software development initiatives. Learn more at www.digi117.com.


GOWIDE is a global digital advertising platform that helps brands and agencies achieve their digital marketing goals through premium user acquisition services. It provides top traffic with the help of premium app installs, along with retargeting strategies and social, video, and native ads, as well as proven and trusted monetization options. GOWIDE works with its own SSP App Booster and allows partners to have access to the high-quality ad marketplace. This includes trusted ad and affiliate networks, popular social networks, and DSPs. Learn more at www.gowide.com