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Data Scientist and Analyst Salaries In Vancouver

Vik Bogdanov
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The whole point of information technology is working with data to make it understandable and to extract the valuable information contained within. So it is not surprising that the scientists and analysts that work with data are among valuable knowledge workers to the companies that employ them.

It is also true that Vancouver-based companies are hiring data scientists and analysts at an increasing rate. The people who can process the data are the masters who determine a broad range of things from possible business models to undiscovered social trends. The data wizards come in two varieties, scientists and analysts.

Data Scientist Salaries In Vancouver

In data, analysts and scientist form two overlapping groups, they share many traits and skills but each role has attributes that are excluded from the other. To be a data scientist, you arguably must be a better statistician than the average programmer, and a better programmer than the average statistician.

Data scientists do the theoretical work of analytics; they are the architects who create the systems to filter and understand the numbers. Recruiters will want you to have a bachelor’s or even master’s degree in a related subject. However, direct experience counts for much in this field, and you will earn more with your skill level.

In early 2017, according to Indeed.com, data scientist salaries in Vancouver averaged at $75,512 annually. In the extreme, well-qualified candidates can earn as much as $164,000 a year.

Data Analyst Salaries In Vancouver

Data analysts work with data tools such as SQL, analytics, and business intelligence suites, and a moderate level of statistical analysis. Like data scientists, they do need to be curious by nature and capable of building stories from diverse collections of facts revealed in the data.

Some positions for Data analysts require a two-year diploma in business management or higher. Along with the formal qualification, the experience will increase your earnings. Analysts also come from related fields that require similar levels of certification; these might be such professions as HR or conflict resolution. Other hiring managers will expect a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent level of education and experience.

In 2017, the average salary for data analysts in Vancouver, according to Indeed.com, is $72,605. Experience factors into that average because entry-level analysts earn around $54,000, per the same report at Indeed.com. Follow this link that details how experienced data analyst’s salary breaks down for tax purposes in British Columbia.