how much is it to hire UX designer in Vancouver

Cost of UX and UI Talent In Vancouver

Vik Bogdanov
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The point where marketing meets development is the interface for the experience that you want to deliver to your customers. The combination of user experience and user design defines the development role that sits between your clients and the data that you exchange with them.

The professional designation for such a worker is UX/UI designer. The term designer is such a nebulous designation that, in itself, it could mean anything. A UX/UI designer provides a specific and valuable meaning; it is a development service critical to the success of any software publishers who depend on pleasing customers for a living.

What Is The UX/UI Front End Value Add?

These days, you cannot afford for customers to experience the interface of your product or service as “clunky.” UX/UI shortcomings are deal-breakers because they will generate negative reviews, poor retention rates, and hostility to any future offerings. The amount of UX/UI development you need as part of your developer team depends on the nature of your business model.

If you create applications for mobile devices, your requirements for visual displays and user responsiveness will be different from industrial IoT devices, for example. A mobile app targets consumers and for the other, engineers might only occasionally check in through a remote control panel.

It is your UX/UI designer who establishes the right look and feel of your products. Clients receive the appropriate interface and experience to achieve peak performance with each product, regardless of whether your team develops for B2B or B2C.

The Ball Park Cost Of UX/UI Talent In Vancouver

The website lists UX/UI Designer salaries in Vancouver as ranging from $44,000 to over $79,000, with median earnings of just under $56,000 (all costs in Canadian Dollars).

As full-time employees, UX/UI designers find their careers to be rewarding, and the site reports bonuses for projects well done, totaling around $3,000 per year.

Cost And Value Cuts Both Ways In Vancouver

Small projects may have short intensive periods of interface design and customer experience insight. Startups, solopreneurs who need a hand, and recruiters for one-off project teams might prefer to hire UX/UI talent by the hour. In which case, reports that you can expect to pay this creative class of designers a minimum of $30 per hour (for junior talent!). These numbers reflect the national average for this type of work across Canada.

Design can be an incredibly rewarding career, and UX/UI design is no exception to that rule. The ability to attract designers from outside of Vancouver comes from the rewards of the profession and for living in the city and the region. As an employer, the intangible value of working in Vancouver should be one of the selling points that you emphasize to the candidates when you negotiate salaries with UX/UI talent.