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Advantages and Disadvantages to Using Canadian Teleconsultants for Software Projects

Andrew Zola
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Do you have a software project coming up? Not sure whether to hire in-house full time or part time? Consider outsourcing top IT teleconsultants nearshore to Canada.

Advantages of using teleconsultants for software dev projects

  • Cost savings.

Most likely you will save money because as independent contractors you don’t have to pay teleconsultants social benefits or benefits (e.g.: insurance or investment).

Unemployment insurance, retirement planning and providing office space is not required.

  • Expert talent. 

Teleconsultants are available at a junior, intermediate and senior levels to make up the team of talent you need. If you are rolling out a new platform or product you may only require one senior team member to head up a less experienced group saving you more money. A strong project manager is highly recommended (could be the product owner or another independent contractor hired to oversee the entire project or portion thereof).

  • Flexibility.

Project teams can be assembled from 1 to 100+ members. They can often be hired daily, weekly or monthly depending on your needs. Perhaps you need strong resources in one software language to kick start a project, but once the essentials are in place you can adjust your needs accordingly.

  • Same Time Zone. 

Often these resources can be found in your same time zone eliminating any inconsistencies that may delay your project. Whether it’s mission critical or simply a routine meeting you will be sharing information in real time.

  • On or Off Site. 

Depending on your needs you may find mix of on-site (e.g.: 2 days per week) and off-site (e.g.: 3 days per week) works for your environment.

For example: if you have a junior – intermediate team lead by one senior level person, then the latter may not need to be there on site 5 days per week.

  • Law Suits.

Since independent contractors are not employees, their rights are less than a full time employee. Claims or disputes regarding performance, over time, time off and even discrimination are less likely to be a concern freeing up time to focus on the job at hand.

Disadvantages of using teleconsultants for software dev projects

  • Control. 

You do lose direct control over their hourly activities. Maintaining a realistic implementation plan with regular meetings at scheduled intervals should help alleviate this concern.

  • Attrition.

You will see more turnover than regular full time employees, which can be inconvenient and disruptive. A strong team leader will ensure the owners of the project are protected.

The decision to hire employees versus independent contractors is an individual choice with pros and cons to both. Asking independent contractor / teleconsultants or employees for references and having a well thought out project management plan will help maximum your results.

Good luck with your next project or get a quote on building your software engineering team from Canada today!