CICD Engineer /Devops Engineer

We are looking for a talented, DevOps Engineer to join our dynamic team.
  • Experience with developing CICD infrastructure, with projects developed in a micro service architecture
  • Proficiency with containerization via Docker, and container orchestration through Kubernetes
  • Experience managing web applications built with Java, and Spring
  • Understanding of the Spring Framework ecosystem, including but not limited to; boot, cloud and data flow.
  • Familiarity with AWS and their hosted services
  • Experience with the following:
    • Prometheus
    • Helm
    • Terraform
    • Graphana
    • Oauth
    • ElasticSearch
    • PostgreSQL
    • ActiveMQ / RabbitMQ / Kafka
    • Git
    • Maven
    • Jenkins / GoCD

Job type: full time/ contract

Location: Vancouver, BC

Role you’re applying for:
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