IT Staffing and Team Placement Services for Tech Projects

Finding Great Talent for Great Businesses

What We Offer

Tech Talent Search and Recruiting

We help you find the best IT professionals with unique skills to drive your business forward. We handle all your recruiting needs, from talent search to onboarding.

Software Development Team Placement

Need a team of developers for your next big project? No problem! We can find you the right candidates in just a few days.

HR Management Solutions

Get peace of mind and avoid the headache of the hiring process while we take care of all your HR needs.

Our Work Model

We are not a traditional recruiting agency: we are your tech partners. We speak the same language you do, we understand your project needs, and we match you with the very best tech talent.
Digi117 Recruiting

How we find top talent

∙ We source from active and passive candidates

Active candidates are those who respond to advertising and are "actively" seeking employment. For example, we advertise on Indeed, Monster, Workopolis, Career Builder, Dice, T-Net, LinkedIn and other specialized industry job boards.
Passive candidates are not currently seeking employment, but may be "passively" interested in the right opportunity. Similar to "head hunting" we proactively reach out to candidates in our exclusive database to explore opportunities for themselves or, for people they know.

∙ We do pre-qualification, screening and testing

To make sure you get the best talent available, we conduct comprehensive background checks for each candidate, we test their soft and hard skills, and we do psychological screening.

∙ We help set up interviews with shortlisted candidates

Our Engagement Options:

Your payroll (contract or permanent role) - retainer search is a flat monthly rate with no contract or obligation to renew. Even though a typical search takes around 90 days, we can help you find candidates faster depending on your business needs.
Our payroll (contract or permanent) - if you want to place someone on our payroll, then our fee is built into the hourly rate we charge and Digi117 in turn pays the new hire directly from monies collected.
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