Business Development Opportunity

Digi117 is looking for REFERRAL PARTNERS to join our program. This is not a job, but an income opportunity to cash in on your connections. Maybe you are semi-retired or call on IT managers from time to time and would like to diversify your portfolio offering. We are an international IT consulting and staffing firm providing software development expertise and top talent across Canada, USA and Europe.

Income Opportunity:

Earn 10% when a successful candidate accepts a job offer and collect for up to 12 months depending on the duration of agreement.

Typical commission is $5,000 - $45,000 x 10% referral fee. For example: you could earn $20,000 x 10% = $2,000 / 12 months or $166.66 per month for an entire year! And that's just one placement. Perhaps you will refer 5 or more people.


Provide the manager’s contact information and a brief description of the opportunity: upcoming software development project or hiring for specific resources (short or long term).


  • Extensive network of contacts (IT managers, hiring managers, department heads, HR managers, “C” level executives, SMB owners, etcetera).
  • Excellent business relationship with the manager for the position  in question.

Nice to have

  • Familiar with the information technology industry (e.g.: software development)
  • Experience with the staffing industry (daily, weekly or monthly resources)

Type of job:part time income opportunity (not a job)

Location: work from home

Role you’re applying for:
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