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Nearshoring to Canada vs Latin America

In recent years, there has been a shift taking place in software development where U.S. companies are choosing to nearshore rather than outsource to far off countries like India. The idea here was to keep development activities closer to home in Central or South America. Although there are plenty of good nearshoring options south of […]

[The Millennial Voice] What Youth Really Needs In a Mobile App

By Cary Chernega With so many new apps being created daily, many are usually a hit or miss with the new generation. Since teens and young adults are some of the biggest consumers and critics of present day apps and social media, it would be helpful to many application developers to really know what is […]

Why U.S. Companies Are Rushing To Canada For AI Talent

Several years before Google even started thinking about self-driving cars, Amazon was already building appliances that could talk. This was achieved with the help of a few Canadian researchers that were backed by the Canadian government and local universities. This was the groundwork that has led to today’s boom in artificial intelligence (AI). Now more […]

Why Split Fee Recruiting Makes Sense

There are many benefits to split fee recruiting, not the least of which is to serve our clients better. Companies typically engage third party recruiters to assist with “hard to fill” positions or they would simply fill them themselves. And no recruiting company (large or small) can be all things to all people all the […]

Four Agile Team Tracking Metrics in Action

If you conduct a Google search on how you can measure a software project during a build cycle, you will find a ton of them. But most of these metrics are completely useless. While they may all sound pretty cool, they offer little to no value. The sad reality is that most companies are fans […]

[The Millennial Voice] Social Media Through the Eyes of Generation Z

By Cary Chernega Living in a modern day world filled with smartphones and immediate access to the internet is all I have ever really been used to. Now, this coming from a sixteen year old girl also applies to the rest of my generation, who have grown up like me, with the power of the […]

How R&D Can Boost the Canadian Economy

When it comes to global economic competitiveness, Canada hasn’t performed too well in recent years. This can be due to the fact that other economies are heavily investing in research and development (R&D) while Canada is doing the opposite. In fact, when it comes to business commitment to innovation, Canada has steadily declined below the […]

Telecommuting in Canada: Current State and Opportunities

Over the past decade, Canada has been growing in importance as a nearshoring hotspot driven by cultural and geographical proximity to the United States. The currency exchange value that has historically favored American companies has also helped make this outsourcing model quite popular. But as technology evolves and gets more innovative, Canadian providers need to […]

[The Millennial Voice] The Impact of Virtual Reality On the Present and the Future

By Cary Chernega Virtual Reality is currently becoming more and more present in many different aspects of our every day lives. But as this revolutionary technology evolves, it will also impact how we think, live, and interact. Business meetings, in VR? With an up and coming VR software designed to enable users to communicate face […]

Advantages and Disadvantages to Using Canadian Teleconsultants for Software Projects

Do you have a software project coming up? Not sure whether to hire in-house full time or part time? Consider outsourcing top IT teleconsultants nearshore to Canada. Advantages of using teleconsultants for software dev projects Cost savings. Most likely you will save money because as independent contractors you don’t have to pay teleconsultants social benefits or […]

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