Software QA and Testing Ecosystem in Vancouver

The city of Vancouver has a vibrant Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Tech sector that is multifaceted and dynamic. It’s also rapidly evolving to attract top global talent with companies both big and small playing their part in getting noticed.  Bloomberg called Vancouver the “new tech hub” a few years ago and it has […]

Data Scientist and Analyst Salaries In Vancouver

The whole point of information technology is working with data to make it understandable and to extract the valuable information contained within. So it is not surprising that the scientists and analysts that work with data are among valuable knowledge workers to the companies that employ them. It is also true that Vancouver-based companies are hiring […]

Ruby Developer Salaries In Vancouver

This post is a review of the options for Ruby Developer salaries in Vancouver, BC. Ruby is still an important part of programming after more than twenty years; this venerable language has been around for so long it has found new life in the Ruby on Rails framework. Ruby on Rails matches the power of […]

MEAN Stack Developer Salaries In Vancouver

The current level of MEAN stack developer salaries in Vancouver, British Columbia reflects the balance of industry need and the awesome lifestyle in North America’s most livable city. MEAN is a JavaScript-based alternative to Ruby and other established frameworks for full stack web development. If you can develop for it; your skills are in high […]

How to Find And Hire Top Software Developers In Vancouver

This is our re-print of the article that was originally published in the Intersog blog. The IT field is booming in Vancouver with more than 15,500 tech jobs expected to open between now and 2019. It’s no surprise as the startup market’s flourishing in British Columbia with successful companies like the dating website Plentyoffish.com and building […]

Full Stack Developer Salaries In Vancouver

Experienced coders of all descriptions are in demand in Canada right now, and as locations go, the Pacific North West is no exception. As such, full stack developer salaries in Vancouver reflect a market where the supply does not keep up with the demand. If you have the skills to develop for all aspects of […]

How Vancouver Startups Can Attract a Highly Skilled IT Workforce

For a long time, Vancouver has been dubbed the Silicon Valley of the North because of its vibrant startup scene. But it has yet to fulfill its potential and this is partly due to the brain drain phenomenon where the brightest talent heads south to the sunny climes of California.