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Three Worst Nightmares for a Data Scientist

Becoming a data scientist has its perks, but it also comes with its own set of unique challenges. For example, you can spend hours or days trying to make sense of a data set only to find out that it has been totally mislabeled, corrupted, or just completely useless because of an upstream problem (that’s […]

How to Start Contributing to Open Source Project Development

There are loads of open source projects out there and you probably use some of them already. These projects can also be a great learning tool to help you improve your developing skills as you will get to comb through carefully written code that’s being used by a lot of people around the planet. Once […]

How to Distinguish a Real Data Scientist from a Faker?

Saying that there’s a huge demand for data scientists is an understatement. In fact, the high demand for actionable analytics and immediate business intelligence has sent salaries soaring. Today, a data scientist earns about $113,436 on average and these types of wages have attracted many who want to get a piece of the pie. Unfortunately, […]

Why Finding a Good Software Engineer is Such a Pain in the Neck

If you have tried to hire a good software engineer, you’ll know what I am talking about. It can be a very difficult task to accomplish, even for an average project. If you’re a startup in Silicon Valley, it’s even a bigger headache as you will need someone who’s even better. In fact, you’ll need […]

Four Areas of FinTech Innovation That Have the Most Buzz in 2017

The digital age has fundamentally changed how we work, connect, communicate, and conduct business. The same can be said for industries like finance and insurance that have been historically resistant to change. The buzz around the FinTech phenomenon has got a lot of skeptics saying that it’s going to go down the same doomed road […]

Who Should You Hire For Your Big Data Project: Data Scientist or Data Analyst?

In the digital age, you hear a lot about data scientists and data analysts. But who should you hire for your big data project? While there is significant overlap between the two roles, there are also major differences. This means that you have to first figure out what your organization is trying to achieve by […]

Seven Programming Languages Best Suited For eCommerce Solution Development

eCommerce has evolved significantly over the past decade and is expected to surpass a $2 trillion annual haul by the end of 2017, according to IBM. There are a lot of Content Management Systems (CMS), hosted solutions, and plugins freely available for you to set up your online retail presence. But in the end, it will […]

Is Unit Testing Really Useful for Bug-Free Product Delivery?

At Digi117, we like to engage in unit testing because it helps us work with more confidence. This is because we know that the functionality of the code we wrote is correct. As a result, it also helps us work faster and more efficiently. Sometimes software development teams cut corners because of a tight deadline […]

Is Hiring an Intern Useful for a Software Development Team?

A lot of companies across industries hire interns (both paid and unpaid) for various reasons. More often than not, businesses engage in this activity as they can benefit from extra hands on board for a short period of time. It’s also a great way for companies to invest in the next generation by helping students […]

Six Real World Problems That Can Be Solved Immediately With IoT

The internet changed the way we think, work, shop, and the way we solve problems. We really love the internet, apps, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s these revolutionary ideas that have given birth to the digital age that’s changing societies across the globe forever. Over the last few years,  programmatic syntax has become […]

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