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How to Ensure Code Quality in an Agile Environment

Discussions about writing clean code and ensuring quality comes up often within software engineering circles. This can be attributed to an increase in adoption of Agile techniques and issues related to technical debt (at many levels of development). It’s an important problem that must be addressed and resolved efficiently as ignoring it can send you […]

Building a Distributed Agile Development Team for a Startup: Pros and Cons

Building a distributed Agile development team is a great way to get some of the talent you need onboard to get the job done. Some entrepreneurs even claim that it’s the best way to build a successful startup. This approach also suits startups in particular because they receive investments from various SEEDs who push them […]

Can a Non-Technical Recruiter Evaluate Tech Talent the Right Way?

When it comes to hiring staff, the process is pretty much standard when it comes to non-technical roles. But when it comes to filling positions that require technical individuals with highly specialized training, all the standard principles go right out of the window. So if you’re a non-technical individual tasked with identifying top tech talent, […]

Choosing the Right Stack For Your Next Web Project: MEAN vs MERN

Although they were great in their heyday, websites with rotating tables and GIFs are now extinct. These days, websites are built with widgets in order to make them load quickly, be more interactive, and more mobile-responsive. Users demand richer experiences from websites and expect something similar to what they would experience using a native mobile […]

[The Millennial Voice] Technology and The Modern School System

By Cary Chernega Now we all know how much technology has changed our world over the years, and it’s easy to admit that we rely on it to undertake almost any every day task, but how has technology impacted the way in which students are now learning in the modern day school system? Loose the […]

As Machines Reduce the Demand for Programmers, How Will Skill Sets Change?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly and it’s already having an impact on everything from health care to home automation to automobiles. It’s also going to have an impact on software development as it’s predicted to turn programmers into something more like data scientists. Overall, AI is expected to be worth about $5 billion by […]

Lost Opportunity Cost of Not Hiring a Resource

Thinking of hiring, but not sure when? Should you hire immediately or postpone until a better time? Consider the opportunity cost of not hiring. Two hypothetical scenarios Carl’s Courier: Carl owns a courier company with 12 employees. They specialize in same day local delivery with guaranteed 2 hour time. However, one pocket of the area […]

[The Millennial Voice] Snapchat Review

By Cary Chernega Snapchat is one of the largest and still growing social media platforms in modern time for teens and young adults. With features such as instantaneous transfer of information to others all over the world, it lets users communicate with anybody, at anytime. Beside the fact that it is highly successful with the […]

Why It Makes Sense To Test and Build Your FinTech Solution In Canada

FinTech in Canada is booming thanks to venture capitalist-backed investments. This turn of events should pique your interest as it completely goes against current global trends. While funding is on the decline in major FinTech markets like the United States, Canada is thriving in this niche. Furthermore, Canada has also revitalized its startup scene and […]

How Canada can Cash in on CleanTech

China once had a strong reputation for being one of the worst air polluters the planet has ever known. For several years, life getting disrupted by high levels of smog was the norm. But in recent years, things have been changing and the growth of clean and renewable energy has been experiencing a period of […]

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