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Top 10 Reasons Why Vancouver Is a Great Place to Live and Work

By Cary Chernega From the outstanding natural beauty to the prospering economy, Vancouver is considered to be one of the top cities in the world. Endless opportunities are granted for job seekers, while providing a culturally rich, clean, and nature brimming place to call home. 1. Vancouver is an outdoor playground. The climate, the ocean, and […]

Canada As a Nearshore Outsourcing Hub for US Tech Companies

Going north of the border to outsource IT functions may not have been the obvious choice for US companies, but that’s changing rapidly. This phenomenon is supported by the political climate in the US and an exchange rate that favors American companies. The Sourcing Decisions 2017 conference held recently in Toronto reflected this new enthusiasm […]

Staff Augmentation vs Project Outsourcing vs Hybrid Approach: How to Choose the Right Model

Whether it’s a startup or an established business, the success of IT projects heavily depends on their ability to deliver on time (and to the specification) and within the budget. Doing all this work in-house can be a good solution, but it can also be risky and expensive. This is because the IT needs of […]

How Canada Will Fill Almost 190,000 ICT Positions by 2019

There is a massive supply and demand imbalance in Canada’s tech ecosystem. It can be attributed to mismatched skills and an aging workforce that has created an urgent need for information communication and technology (ICT) talent. In fact, Canada will need to fill approximately 190,000 positions by 2019. The in-demand jobs range from software engineers […]

Vancouver Startups Ecosystem 2017

A recent report by Startup Genome has rated Vancouver as Canada’s number one startup ecosystem. Further, the city on the west coast is also ranked 15th in the world which is a direct recognition of the city’s thriving startup scene that produced the likes of Hootsuite, SLACK, and Plenty Of Fish. This recognition from Startup […]

How to Write an Effective Tech Resume in Canada

If you look at the most in-demand skills in Canada, cloud and distribution computing along with statistical analysis and data mining reign supreme. But various other tech skills are also in high demand across the country including MEAN stack, LAMP stack, JavaScript, Python etc. But to get your foot in through the door, you first need […]

IT Relocation to Canada: 3 Main Steps to Focus On

Since last November, there has been a lot of chatter within the tech industry about moving operations to Canada. For software engineers, in particular, it can be a perfect match as their skills are in high demand in a vibrant environment that’s growing from strength to strength. The startup scene in Vancouver coupled with US […]

The Average Time it Takes to Hire a Software Developer in Canada

If you’re a software developer in Canada looking for a job, you’re going to be thrilled because the tech sector in the country is booming with opportunities galore. This situation won’t change anytime soon as it’s a major economic driver that continues to grow (as the world gets ever so close towards a digital economy). […]

True Cost of Hiring IT Talent

As you may already know, salary isn’t the only factor that affects the total cost of your IT resource. In IT industry, competition for skilled human resources is truly tough everywhere in the world, so if you’re able to find a specialist for your in-house project team using your internal recruiters, feel free to consider yourself […]

Canada As a Nearshoring Destination for U.S. Tech: To Be Or Not To Be?

How would you answer the question: “Why don’t American tech companies move 100% of their operations to Canada given their view on Trump’s anti-immigration stance?” Thanks to the world’s largest Q&A portal Quora, we can see what people of different backgrounds and lifestyles think about Canada as a nearshoring destination for US tech. International Tax and Immigration […]